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Skillful Giftings

So the number of them, with their brethren who were instructed in the songs of the Lord, all who were skillful, was two hundred and eighty-eight.

1 Chronicles 25:7

Why should I practice? What's the point? This is so repetitive and boring. Who cares how well I play? I come across this thinking verbally, attitudinal and through the practice habits of many students. Sometimes we want to skip the mundaneness of instructional beginnings and move on to the more exciting masterful songs, that sound more impressive to ourselves or people. This thinking can lead to trying and starting many things, but never fully finishing or mastering them. Not that there's anything wrong with trying out new things. However, you have those with the "Jack of all Trades" mentality. But all of Jacks' trades end up being mediocre, average, lacking substance.

Believe it or not, practicing is Biblical. 1 Samuel 16 talks about how David was brought before the King and given favor, because he was skillful at the harp, the harp! Being skilled in your instrument and/or gifting can open up opportunities for you. Skill is noticed, praised and rewarded. Much time later after David has become King. He appoints his son Solomon to build the Temple of God. He t

hen only allows skilled musicians to minister before the Lord at the temple.

And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, Colossians 3:23

Don't you think God deserves our best? Not perfection, but our best.

So I challenge you. Learn your craft. Take the time to do what it takes to master your instrument or gifting. Reach out to teachers, mentors, research, take lessons, watch instructional videos. Change the way you think of practicing. Practice with purpose, knowing you are being the best you can be. Knowing that it pleases God and points others to Him.

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