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Christmas Gift Part 2!

I originally was going to leave my last post as is, however I felt compelled to write today. Jesus coming to earth was surrounded by obstacles, hardships and pain. Sometimes I think, God could of made it much more simple and extravagant. Joseph and Mary had to endure tremendous pressure ushering in the Savior of the World! And then this King, Jesus being born in a manger? I had a dear friend share with me today, that Jesus was not born in the mangers we have seen in movies or Christmas plays. He was in fact laid in a coffin style concrete box! Talk about Mary did you know!? Even from birth it was a foretelling that he would endure unbearable pain. Unbearable pain for a people who didn't even know they needed it. WHY???

I asked myself many times in the midst of being face with unbelievable rejection, abandonment and fear, Why? There were times the heaviness of my heart was so intense it felt as if a brick had been laid on my chest! I often wondered how could I keep going on, with this broken, in pieces heart. Why?! In my "Why" I realized, God doesn't waste our pain. Unlike the world, we go through purposeful pain. All that Mary and Joseph went through had a purpose. They were the ones who got to showcase the Messiah! All that Christ had to endure had a purpose. Christ's coming made it so that we can have peace with God! Every single thing that happened leading up to Christ birth had a purpose. Everything that has happened to you, up to this point in your life has a purpose. Christ birth opened the door for us to have a close relationship with God. Your pain has opened the door for you to have a close encounter with The Messiah, Jesus!

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