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God taught me the most amazing humbling lesson tonight. I had just left a 4 hour worship service in downtown Austin. My sister and I walked near this homeless man. He asked if we had any dollars. I Iied and said no. Admittedly a day ago he approached us and I gave him a rude stank face and said no. My excuse, I'm protecting myself. My sister went to get the car. I sat on the bench near this homeless man. What was evident was his overwhelming smell! It was beyond horrible. You did not need to be near him to smell it. And he had something disfigured about his eyes that added to your hesitation to talk to him. While I was sitting there I sat for 10 minutes watching him approach person after person walk out the worship service and they walked pass him not even acknowledging he was there. Some gave stern steel looks, men shielded their women, some brushed him off. I thought OMG we all just worshiped God and we are treating this man this way, what's wrong with Christians. Then I noticed regulars from the city walk by and do the same thing to him. I was so conflicted. I asked God what's the right thing to do. I want to be safe. I didn't want him spending the money on who knows what. Right then a young couple came up. The homeless man asked them the same thing. The young man smiled walked closer to him and said "well umm let me check" He got closer to the homeless man, smiled and pulled out his wallet and said "All I have is a dollar." Then the young man smiles and says "can I pray for you?" He gets even closer pulls the homeless man in and prays and prophesying over him. Then gave him a deep long hug. The couple walked away with the glory of God on them.

God told me that's what my love looks like. It never was about the money. They treated him like a human and loved on him.

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