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Fairy Tale Endings!!!

“And they lived happily ever after.” That sounds so refreshing and hopeful! Prince Charming and His princess walk off into the sunset holding hands with nothing but the horizon and countless adventures ahead. What is it about fairy tale stories that grip at our hearts so strong? Is it, good winning? The underdog saving the day? Love's first kiss? I did not grow up wanting to get married. I did not date in high school. When interest did begin to peak, Ooo did my mind wonder. Who will this mysterious man be?! After graduation I had ambitions! I had plans to travel and change the world. I created for myself in my mind what the rest of my life would look like. Married, kids, house, car, ministry, etc. The works! But Ooo the cards I got dealt.

When all my future filled dreams came to an end, a part of me died. You know, that part that keeps dreaming and planning and hoping and believing. Every dream I thought I had ever had, ended horribly. I began to question God's Sovereignty. I remember a preacher saying one time, “When turbulent times come, the enemy's main tactic is to get you to doubt God's goodness. To question His character.” Ooo and did I! Have you ever asked? If God’s good, why did he allow fill in the blank? What do you say when your life takes an unexpected turn? A turn you didn’t anticipate. A death in the family, chronic illness, loss of job, divorce, loved one with mental illness or disabilities, wayward family member, rape,the list goes on and on.

Something amazing happens when we allow Abba God to speak to our heart questions and astonishingly He can handle the tough ones! When I went to Abba with my shattered heart. I lifted to Him, the lifeless dreams I held so dear and said “ They're gone! I have nothing left to dream. My Happy ending ended in betrayal and devastation.” He sweetly answered me and said “I Am your Happy Ending. Ask me what My dream is for your life”. That arrested my heart. Those Words began to resuscitate my being. I felt my heart begin to slowly beat again. Hope began to flow through it. I felt something strange. LIFE. Life began to open up in me again. I didn’t realize how dead I’d become inside, trying to Survive.

Wherever you are in life...I know. The pain is suffocating. You don't want to risk trusting again, believing again, hoping again. Release. Abba can be trusted with your heart, your future. He see’s. He cares. Your fairy tale may have ended. Your dreams and plans for your future may have come crumbling down. Exchange your lifeless broken dreams for His dream for your life. With Christ you can have A Happily Ever After!

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