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Covenant Keeper

God is a God of Covenant. In the Bible we read how He made covenant with Abraham, Moses and the people of Israel. A covenant is a God sealed legal agreement.

In modern Christendom, we sometimes neglect that God's laws are very much different from our earthly laws. Sometimes we make laws within ourselves that govern and shape our behavior, whether they are in agreement with God's Word or not.

Oftentimes because of our deep pain and broken promises from others, we struggle with fully laying our hearts in the hands of Abba. We say we trust His love, but he's not welcome to those painful, dark, tender areas of our hearts. We struggle trusting God because our closest relationships may have failed. No person can fully and deeply love you the way Abba can. He sees the good and the bad, the hidden the open, yet He still pursues you! God sees the You, when the mask comes off at night. Yet, He still desires you! His love is not fleshly. God made a covenant with us, His people that is never to be broken. That’s what makes God’s love so amazing! We can trust Abba’s love, because He cannot lie or go back on His Word. Man’s love falls so short. The marriage covenant is meant to be a representation of God and His church (The Bride). He literally shed His blood to be married to you! Pain, betrayal, lies, broken vows, selfishness, adultery, divorce is not a possibility in your relationship with God. He will not do those things to you. Your relationship with Him is secure. He will never break His covenant with you!

I love the lyrics to the second part of “Pieces” by Steffany Gretzinger. Read the lyrics and watch the video. I pray He holds your heart and you release it to Him.

Your love's not fractured It's not a troubled mind It isn't anxious It's not the restless kind Your love's not passive It's never disengaged It's always present It hangs on every word You say Love keeps it's promises It keeps it's word It honors what's sacred Yes, it's vows are good And Your love's not broken It's not insecure Your love's not selfish Your love is pure

You Don't give your heart in Pieces

You Don't hide yourself to tease us

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