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Ms. Deanna

The Heart of Worship


Not Just Piano was created to not just teach the basics of the piano but aspires to teach a holistic view of Music. This program was formulated to first teach that music is a wonderful gift, given and created by God. Also, students will gain an appreciation for all styles of music, learn to play by ear, learn the musical time periods, be able to recognize the world's most influential pianist, learn to play chords, write and perfect your own songs and much, much more. Music is meant to inspire and open our hearts to the beauty of what is around and within us.

Deanna started playing piano by ear at the age of 4. She received her first keyboard for Christmas and could not take her hands of it, or any piano she came across. At 13 she began to compose her own piano pieces and songwrite. She recorded her first album at age 14.  And at age 15 began to lead worship in her local youth group. Over the years Deanna has traveled the U.S. singing and leading worship in various Churches. Her most recent worship album "Love Songs in the Storm" was released.


NotJustPiano has become an international business, which has serviced students in several states, Canada and Africa.  Her students have won several districts and national competitions and cast as leads in several schools across the metroplex. Deanna was awarded and appointed as one of Ellis county’s 40 under 40 small business recipients.  

Deanna's passion is to not just teach piano, but pass along to her students the gratification and importance of worship, for an all-powerful and loving God, who loves to hear and see us use our giftings. Her mission is to not only worship God but to train the church's future Lead-Worshipers. Get registered and Come enjoy the journey!

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