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Christmas Gift Part 1!

After being confronted with someone's belief system, that Christmas is Pagan and should not be celebrated, I was able to get alone with God and ponder the "Reason for the Season". Yes, we can focus on the worldly, Pagan roots of Christmas. We can argue the date of Christ's actual birth. We can sit here and lament over the commercialization of Christmas. We can do all this and completely miss the Heart of God in Christmas.

The True root, the whole purpose of Christmas is, He Came. God Himself, sent us a gift - Himself. We are no longer left alone in a hopeless fallen world. His gift embodied Peace, Love, Redemption, Salvation and Opportunity. Opportunity for Intimacy with God! The Jewish people could not see the gift, the Heart of God in this little Baby, but we can. Whatever day you choose to celebrate; however, you choose to Celebrate, celebrate Him because He is the ultimate gift to you and me and HE is worth celebrating!

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