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A new Perspective!

So I’m writing you from Colorado, looking at the Rocky Mountains! The only word I can think of when I see the Mountains is, "Majestic". I just cannot stop looking at them. It reminds me of my relationship with God. As I go higher and higher in my relationship with Him, it is like the view at the top of a mountain. At the top, your perspective is much different than at the bottom. The higher you go the more dependent you have to be on your lifeline (oxygen!) As I go on this journey with God I sometimes feel that is God pushing me to be vulnerable and transparent in my music, forcing me to be more dependent on Him. It’s scary when songs come out of us, especially if it’s spawned through trials and testings. But I’ve come to learn that the Body of Christ needs our stories and music. They don’t just need music and songs that are just good songs, written in the correct format. They need to hear the melodies of going through suffering. Going through heart wrenching suffering and the resulting songs of faith that follow.

As I looked at the mountains I heard the Lord say to me, I will not take you to the top of the mountain (figuratively speaking) to just leave you there. God will not call us to something and just abandon us. Today, trust what He is pushing you to do with your music, and trust that whatever His plan is, is much greater, than you holding on to it.

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