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Seasons of A Musician...

I'm sitting here at the Nature Preserve looking at a full grown tree. Even with all it's imperfections from years of withstanding all types of weather, it still stands beautiful. Some of the most eye catching trees to me, are the ones that through the years of growing has developed such character in its appearance. As a musician, we grow and muture. The music we create goes through many changes as well. I have found the deeper I go in my understanding of God's Word and His heart for me, it changes how I sing, play and create, and it should. God changes everything He touches. Has He touched your music? I have as a musician gone through seasons of drought, monotony, growth and harvest. Through every season, God has been waiting to teach me something. So I ask you, Has God touched your music? Have you stopped long enough, to let Him bring out in your music what He wants to bring out? The result may Inspire you!

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