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Out of Focus

I remember the day I realized I may need glasses. I started hearing my students say "Are you sure Ms. Deanna thats the right note?" And I'd say " Yes, but that doesn't sound right". Lol! So I made an appointment with the optometrist. After whatever they put in my eyes, I left more blind than I'd arrived! They dialated my eyes and I couldn't see a thing! I was told I had a slight Stigmatism in my eyes and needed a prescription. Once I started wearing the glasses, Wow what a difference! The staff was so much clearer to me now. Even though my eyes were slightly off from 20/20 vision, I did not realize how out of focus my view had been.

So many times as a musician you loose focus on why you are doing what you are doing. You start asking yourself. Why do I continue to play this instrument? What am I writing songs? Why do I continue to sing and lead worship in church? Why Why Why? Well, the better question is, Who? Who am I playing for? Who am I worshipping? Am I worshipping what I do, or am I worshipping the One who created the talents and abilities I have? I encourage you to shift your focus from what you do, to Who you do it for. Using all your talents to worship Him (the Who) will shift how you view and approach your music.

Remember, it only takes a slight skew in vision to completly shift your focus. Choose today to do what it takes to bring it all into focus, through the lenses of worship.


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