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When You Have NO Words

Sometimes as a musician it is hard to find inspiration. Oftentimes, musicians come to a place where it's difficult to continue to move forward or when the music just won't come. It is in these times, these fertile times, that God can bring inspiration. I have found that the best inspiration, for myself, is found in the still quiet moments, of searching the heart of God. This is accomplished by asking the LORD - what do you want to speak to my heart today or even what you want from me today? What we give to others is an outpouring of what the LORD gives to us in our quiet times. I then wait. I wait to feel His presence. I wait until I have a connection. I have to still the distractions going on in my head. I have to be still and listen only to His voice. It's important to hear what HE is speaking to you. So be encouraged and find some quiet time to sit still before the LORD.

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